The Feto Maternal Medical Centre Doha specializes in obstetrics, fetal screening, ultrasounds (3D and 4D), pediatrics (including vaccinations, developmental assessments and pediatrics endocrinology), gynecology and women’s health services. We also provide infertility treatments including IVF, ICSI and PGD – we are the only healthcare clinic in Qatar to offer fertility treatments outside of Hamad Medical Corporation.

We Care About You

Our philosophy of care emphasises active patient participation, shared decision making and direct communication.

Latest News

Our new fertility clinic in Doha is now open! Providing expert infertility services in IVF, ICSI and PGD treatments, and other fertility services including egg, sperm and embryo freezing.

Latest Technology

We use the most advanced fetal screening ultrasound technology (both 3D and 4D) available.

Meet Our Doctors

Please secure pre-authorization from Bupa for any planned treatment with any of our doctors. Please note that ALL services related to maternity for ALL Aetna members need to be pre-approved.