What is Vaginal Tightening Treatment?

It is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment Action II laser machine. It tightens the vaginal tissues and rejuvenates the vulva, to revive the sensations, and recreate a younger look and feel of the internal and external vaginal tissues.

It is a gentle treatment that stimulates the production of collagen, tightens tissue, and treats the inner walls of the vagina. It also treats vaginal atrophy caused by multiple childbirths, ageing, and surgery. Vaginal tightening treatment can also alleviate stress urinary incontinence by strengthening the support tissues of the bladder, improving significantly the well-being of patients.

It is a comfortable non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates the vaginal tissues without pain and with no downtime.


Vaginal Tightening treatment applications:

  1. Total vaginal rejuvenation
  2. Vaginal vestibule tightening
  3. Improve appearance of pigmented vulva
  4. Improve post-delivery vaginal alterations
  5. Improve sexual gratification
  6. Reduce vaginal atrophy (dryness, itching, etc.)
  7. Improve stress urinary incontinence