Dr. Amani Ibrahim

    Dr. Amani Ibrahim is a pediatrician at the Feto Maternal Medical Centre Doha, and specializes in the area of diabetes in children.

    University of Khartoum graduate, Sudan, Faculty of Medicine, specialized in Pediatrics and Child Health and since then worked in Sudan in the field of diabetes, sickle cell anaemia and education of doctors, students and midwives. She was a senior pediatrics consultant, head of the pediatric department at Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital and Secretary General of the Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association. She then received her master degree in Diabetes (Pediatrics) from the University of Warwick, UK, and returned to Sudan to work as a diabetologist in Jabir Abuliz Diabetes Center-Khartoum.

    Dr. Amani is also a qualified trainer in infant nutrition and breastfeeding in addition to several other child health areas (malnutrition, child and neonatal emergencies, emergency triaging etc.), and was responsible for several international organizational programs and diabetes camps. She has conducted a number of research projects and pioneered the first transitional services and clinics in Sudan.

    She moved to Qatar in 2015.